Thursday, September 24, 2015

#TechAppThursday: Movie of the Day

Movie of the Day App

 Movie of the Day App

Who doesn't love movies? I know I do, especially movies that are on sale. Today, I want to highlight a great app for deals on movies (it's like Christmas everyday). Fox has created an app where they daily highlight one of their movies and best news of all that movie is discounted (each deal lasts 24 hours). Movies that have been discounted range from oldies like the Sound of Music to newer releases like Gone Girl and Fault in our Stars. Here are few examples of past deals:
Movie of the Day Preview
Since downloading this app about two months ago I have used it everyday. Remember, I love movies. Not one to check something everyday, it's ok the app has you covered. Movie of the Day will send a notification making you aware of the discounted movie (you can turn this feature on and off as you desire). 

Let's take a look at the app. When you open the app the first thing you see is the deal of that day.
Movie Deal of the Day

Along the right side of the app you will notice three white and blue circles. You can watch the trailer, share the deal with friends, or get more details about the movie like cast and crew, customer reviews, and the synopsis from iTunes. All the info is linked to iTunes and when you click to buy the movie you will be taken there for purchasing. Here is a glance of the additional screens in the app:
Additional Screens
Yes, this is a simple app and it serves is purpose well. If you love movies and love getting a great deal on good entertainment then this app is for you. The good news is this app is free and you can click here to download it now:

It's also worth noting that iTunes highlights a discounted movie every weekend beginning on Friday and running through the following Monday. You will see a movie with the price tag of $4.99 on the iTunes Home page in the rotating banner at the top of the screen. I've grabbed a few classics like Fight Club and The Goonies for $4.99 thanks to this iTunes promotion.

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