Saturday, September 12, 2015

Apple Upgrade Program

On Wednesday Apple® unveiled the latest update to their iPhone line up. The 6s and 6s Plus are the most advanced smart phones ever created and the demand will be great. This annual announcement always brings questions about if and how we should go about upgrading. We are going to attempt to answer most of these commonly asked questions.

To start, should you upgrade and if so, which phone should you get? The answer to this is always upgrade when you have the opportunity and always get the latest model available. I know what your thinking, why? Your phone is maybe two years old and the iPhone 6 is a $100 cheeper. Surely it’s good enough, right? The answer is simple…no.

If you are on a contract plan, which most carriers are doing away with, by waiting to upgrade you are leaving money on the table. Every contract renewal, the carrier pays $450 of the purchase price to get the two year agreement from you, leaving you with the other $200 to pay. That $450 they pay is built into your contract pricing and by waiting past your upgrade date, you are continuing to pay the elevated plan price but not getting the value of the upgrade that you are actually still paying for.

As to the last years phone vs this years, always get the newer one. It’s only $100 and the technology inside is worth the extra money. Even if all you do is make phone calls, send texts and take pictures, the newer phone does all of that better. Your carrier is constantly upgrading the technology their towers use and by staying on a newer phone, you ensure that you have the best thing to connect to those towers. Technology changes fast and it is best to stay up with the curve.

Another thing to consider is that the older, less expensive model also has less internal storage. This is a big deal these days with as many photos as we like to take. Everyone needs a minimum of 16 gigs in their phone and most of us should consider the model above that to make sure you don’t run out. Look at it like this, you may not use a lot of the bells and whistles, but if you are going to use the camera at all, consider the fact that you don’t have to buy another camera and devote that investment into your phone.

So now you are ready to get your order in, what is the process? When the iPhone launches there is always a preorder day. That day is tonight, September 12th at 12:00 midnight Pacific or 2:00 am Central. The website for Apple and the various carriers will go live with a preorder upgrade page. These are for deliveries to arrive on September 25th. This is the only way to guarantee you will get your iPhone on that launch day. You can still arrive at the Apple Store or your local carrier store and try your luck (Apple Store will have the most available, but also the longest line). 

For the first time, Apple is also offering their own iPhone upgrade program this year. After reading, please let us know if you have further questions! Our lead technician, John Sahawneh is going to explain that process for us…

In just a few hours, you’ll be able to pre-order the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.  And there is a new way to buy iPhone.  Apple, along with the major carriers, is offering an upgrade program.  The upgrade program allows you to get an iPhone, but instead of paying for the device in full or through subsidy, you pay for the device via installments.

Apple’s upgrade program is great because it offers features the carrier upgrade programs do not offer:

  • An unlocked iPhone, so you can choose your carrier
  • With AppleCare+, you are covered from defects and accidental damage* (coverage is for two years)
  • Upgrade after 12 months

With an unlocked iPhone, you can choose any carrier that supports iPhone.  You’re not tied to a contract, so you can change carriers at any time.  If you’re traveling internationally or moving to a new city, this is brilliant.  You can simply put a new, compatible SIM card into your iPhone when abroad, or change carriers for best coverage.

AppleCare+ is great because you’re covered for defects and flaws as well as accidental damage, and you can contact AppleCare via phone support.  If something happens to your device or accessories, repair or replacement is covered.  (Plus, if you’ve bought an Apple AirPort or Time Capsule, AppleCare+ for your iPhone covers repairs of this accessory.)  If there is accidental damage to your iPhone, repair or replacement is at a reduced price, $99.  Without this AppleCare+, repairs can be as much as $329.

Apple’s upgrade program may seem a little more expensive than the carriers, but the carriers don’t show the cost of insurance in their prices, with the exception of T-Mobile.  A distinction that should be made is that AppleCare+ is not insurance, and it does not cover loss or theft, carrier insurance typically does.  Carrier insurance has a higher deductible than the reduced repair fee of AppleCare+ for accidental damage, so these differences should be considered for each individual or family.

*AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions

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