Friday, January 16, 2015

Apple Inc., Series

As members of the Apple Consultants Network and former Apple employees, we live the Apple culture and want to share that love. Check out this section for interesting Apple history and the latest news. 

Did you know…The Beatles played a big role in how Apple Inc. got its name.
The Beatles’ record company, Apple Corp, has taken Apple Computer to court over trademark infringement repeatedly. The first time was in 1978, two years after Apple Computer was founded. Apple and Apple Corp settled in 1981 with the condition that Apple Computer would never enter the music industry. 

Apple Corp again took Apple to court in 1989 when Apple Computer introduced computers capable of music playback, and then again in 2003 after the iPod and iTunes hit the market in 2001 and 2002, respectively. The companies ultimately reached an agreement concerning the use of the word “Apple” in 2007. This is when Apple Computer, Inc. gained control of the rights to word on the condition that they license it to Apple Corp. This is when Apple Computer, Inc. became the Apple, Inc.  we know today. This agreement in 2007 also paved the way for the Beatles catalog to come to iTunes in 2010 in what has been called the “most lucrative licensing deal in music.”

Next time, we will share the first part of our "Demystifying the Apple Store" series with useful knowledge, tips and tricks for navigating Apple's Retail Store.

- Katie Bee Brantley and Jeff Mann

A Note from Our Founder

As we at Tech-Ease say hello to 2015, I am amazed at what we have accomplished this past year. We have grown wonderful relationships with our clients and laid the foundation to be the best Apple® Consultants in Birmingham. We have worked hard to provide you with superior quality service, and you have rewarded us with extremely positive feedback that lets us know we are doing a good job. The fact that our customers are happy should be enough for us but we are always trying to raise the bar that we set. 

This year is going to be even more amazing. The Tech-Ease team is unified in our goal to make YOUR world a better place through Apple® technology. We have been hard at work innovating new ways to bring you an even better service experience. With that in mind, starting today we are going to be bringing you a  newsletter every two weeks. Each of our team members will be writing pieces to share information that we feel is relevant for you and we hope you like it. 

So as you read this, we want to ask you what you think about it. For us, feedback is essential to good performance and we want you to get involved. This is your experience and we need you to help us understand what you want. Live today is our dedicated feedback channel, Any and all feedback is welcome, anytime, day or night. We want you to send us your questions, your concerns, positive and negative experiences, ideas for new services…we want to hear from you!

This is just the first of many exciting things coming this year and we want to invite you to be our partner. Stay tuned and see what we can accomplish together.
- Jeff

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back Ups and Data Transfers: An Easy Guide

Our devices store a great amount of your personal information: documents, passwords, and years of memories in the form of pictures and videos. What would happen if one of your devices fails, breaks, is stolen or gets lost? All is not lost… if you have backed everything up!

This running column will serve as a guide to saving and managing your data. We'll talk about Time Machine BackUps, External Hard Drives, Online Storage on websites like Dropbox, and photo storage like the iCloud photo stream and Flikr

Tech-Ease is happy to save you time by performing your backup for you. Services for iMacs and MacBooks include data migration between Macs and computer hard drive removal and recovery. A typical Tech-Ease data recovery costs $160. For iPhones and iPads, our hourly rate stands. If we determine no physical work can be done to your device, only pickup and delivery charges apply.

- Braden Wyatt

Saturday, January 3, 2015

What's your New Year ® Resolution?

Resolve to connect with AlabamaTech⌘Ease. 

At least once in your life, you have started the New Year with the resolution to get in shape. But have you ever made a resolution to use your Apple® technology better? Get in ® shape? Perhaps you have been afraid to make it because you didn't know where to get the right help. Fear no longer. 

Whether you are new to Apple® or you weren't even aware there were other products on the market, there's an opportunity to learn something new or do something more with your ® product. This year let AlabamaTech⌘Ease partner with you to find solutions, get training, and help you feel comfortable with your ® gear. Why wait! Book an appointment now.

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