Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Coming soon! iOS 8 feature: iCloud Photo Library and Photos

Today, people rarely go out without bringing their iPhones with them. With social media and photo accessibility, people are constantly taking photos, which means that often times memory fills up the iPhone quickly. Most folks just don’t like to delete photos, even if they are backed up on their computer. We also don’t like to pick and choose which ones to keep with us. So, Apple created an amazing new feature that lets you keep all of your photos on your iPhone. With the newest update, all of your photos and videos will now live on the cloud. The full size originals will upload and leave a smaller version sized for your iOS device. The first 5 GB of storage space will remain free and plans start at $0.99 per month for 20 GB. This means that most people will be able to take all the photos and videos they want and never worry about loosing anything. 


Once it is turned on, iCloud photo library automatically keeps all your photos and videos in the cloud. It keeps them at full resolution in the original formats. If you are importing RAW images on your computer, it keeps those too. They can then be accessed from any of your devices and even from the web. 


It also allows for organization. Organizing by moments, collections, years. You can drag them into a custom order, create albums and mark favorites. The changes are saved across all of your devices. Edits are also now automatically synced across devices. Crop, enhance, and filter away and Photos will save the changes. The best part is that all changes are non-destructive to the original image so you can always change it back if you change your mind later. 

Let’s Back Up

These days we have a lot of choices for backing up our devices, yet many people still do not do it. We tend to not think about how important our data is until we loose it. Without a back up plan, it is often too late to recover. Many users are backing up critical date via the iCloud from our iPhone and iPad but what about the computer? 

While Apple® makes fantastic products with the lowest rate of failure in the computer industry, things can still go wrong. Machines can break, get lost or even stolen and while we can replace the machine. Replacing what it on it can be very difficult or even impossible. 

I have always been proponent of back up and have done so faithfully for years. I even switched over to an Apple® AirPort Time Capsule so that back ups would happen automatically. Then I experienced a break-in a few years back. They took everything electronic in the house…including my fancy wireless router and backup drive. 

Thankfully, my homeowners policy covered my loss of the machines themselves. The one thing that was not covered though was my data on the computers. I was left without an emergency back-up of my back-up. I know this seems excessive but when we live in a digital world with our precious memories and critical data at risk then we should be actively protecting that from disaster. 

I do keep a local back-up but I also keep an online back-up. I still use an Apple@ AirPort Time Capsule to perform a back up at home and it is great, but I also now use an online back up service. For a low monthly price of $5 they continuously back up my computers. It’s always online, it offers unlimited storage, it’s secured with military grade encryption, you can access the data on it from your  iPhone or iPad. It is also recommended and used by the biggest names in the tech world too. 


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